Barbell University & CrossFit Basics are designed to help you learn the barbell movements and the basics of CrossFit. Our coaches get to know you and you them! We assess your present fitness level, find out what your goals are and set a program up to help you meet your specific needs! Make no doubt about it, all members need STRENGTH. So, the barbell is used to develop that solid foundation! CrossFit and other recreational and sport endeavors become easier once you're STRONG.

There are 2 personal training sessions that start with Barbell Training to develop a foundation of good movement and STRENGTH, to set working loads and CrossFit basics to learn the conditioning movements.


New members can choose 1 of 3 paths after consulting with a coach and establishing fitness goals:


1. STRENGTH only programming


3. STRENGTH maintenance & CONDITIONING programming

* We also work on skills and mobility as needed to support general physical preparedness and higher level performance.


We recommend new members complete the sessions in 1-2 weeks (every other day) if possible. Once the 4 sessions are completed, new members transition into regular classes and they complete the first 30 days of training. Don’t worry though, if modified workouts, or what we called scaling is needed, our coaches are experts at accommodating your fitness level to the workouts!