As A Starting Strength Gym, our training program is based on developing STRENGTH as the foundation of human capacity. Members are taught the barbell lifts and they are employed regularly throughout the workouts to insure that strength is the basis of development for the other 9 general physical skills. We are certified in and use The Starting Strength Barbell Training System. We have Certified Starting Strength Coaches (SSC). Within this program we teach the Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Power Clean as the foundational lifts for strength. If you haven’t worked with barbells before and might be a little timid around them, don’t worry anyone can learn to do the lifts and be successful at them!

Starting Strength Barbell Training is available for non-members to learn the squat, deadlift, press, bench press and power clean. Training is scheduled and coordinated on an as needed basis. Trainees receive coaching of the movements, establishing working loads, and then a linear progression program and follow-up communication from the coach. If you wan't to train at home or your local gym, this is a great way to get eyes-on coaching and build a strong foundation. See the rates tab for Starting Strength Coaching rates.